Areas of practice

  • Aviation & Transport
  • Dugardyn & Partners has extensive experience in aviation law, ranging from aircraft finance and leasing, over regulatory affairs, such as IATA issues, EASA rules, national and international transport law to passenger rights.

    We have been acting for different major airlines in Belgium for several years, but also regularly advise lessors and financial institutions on aircraft finance and leasings. The firm has also advised large multinationals or wealthy individuals on corporate jets.

  • Banking and Finance
  • Dugardyn & Partners has a vast experience in financial law, both the litigation and transactional aspects or for specialist legal advice. In litigation the firm has a particular knowledge in MiFID issues, consumer credit and derivates. The firm has a particular knowledge in funds, including UCITS IV and AIFMD UCITS V and PRIP’s regulations.

    The firm's transactional practice includes unsecured or secured syndicate or single lender facilities, drafting of security interests, acquisition financing, real estate financing, leasing, securitisation, aircraft financing, asset based or asset backed financing and project financing.

    We regularly advise financial institutions, companies, wealthy private individuals and investment funds.

  • Distribution, Agency Law & International Sales
  • Dugardyn & Partners has a significant experience in the field of distribution (concession, agency, intermediairies,...). We regularly provide legal advice, draft distribution, commercial agency and international sales agreements, and handle litigations. Our clients are both Belgian and international companies in several industries.

  • European Competition Law & General EU Law
  • The lawyers active in this department of our law firm have a broad experience in advising clients on all aspects of Competition Law, in various industries, including cartels, merger control, abuse of dominant positions, joint ventures and distribution arrangements.  They represent clients before the European and national competition authorities and before the courts.

    They have also developed a special expertise in the representation of European state employees and civilians in the procedures against Member States and European institutions.

  • General commercial and corporate
  • We assist our clients with all their corporate law issues, ranging from corporate house keeping to incorporation of companies, capital increases or decreases, liquidations, insolvency or solvent restructurings issues, shareholders agreements or litigations and general corporate advice.

    Apart from the specialist area’s, we have a general commercial law practice, including unfair trade practices, debt recovery, service contracts, sales and purchases of business or stock, general sales conditions, Inco terms, documentary credits and international sales.

  • Information Technology Law
  • At Dugardyn & Partners, our lawyers acting in the information technology law field are recognised as experts on subjects such as Internet intellectual property, electronic payment systems, electronic contracting, personal data protection, encryption, export control issues, and database protection.

    They regularly advise companies in Information Technology Law aspects of all kinds of business-to-business and business-to-consumer e-business endeavors, including privacy and data protection.

  • Intellectual Property
  • Our lawyers achieve their clients’ intellectual property objectives effectively and efficiently by combining a deep understanding of patent, copyright, trade secret, and trademark law with knowledge the relevant business and regulatory environments.

    Our specialists’ intellectual property work encounters the following issues: copyright and copyright litigation, domain name, IP audit and asset management and IP litigation, patent advisory and litigation, piracy & counterfeiting, trademarks registration, management and litigation, and trade secrets protection and litigation.

  • Labour law
  • We represent both employers and employees, and our varied client base ranges from small enterprises to multinational organizationsnd trade unions. We both individual and collective labour law matters, including breach of contract, hiring, collective bargaining, and moral and sexual harassment in the workplace.

  • Litigation & Arbitration
  • At Dugardyn & Partners, our experienced lawyers handle litigation in business law, corporate law, financial products, insurance, insolvency, contractual and extra contractual liability and other commercial law matters, as well as arbitration, mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution at both the national and Community levels.

    Thanks to their experience in court, our lawyers can take advantage of the most suitable litigation tools available, and in many cases are able to predict the court's position before proceedings commence. We stress direct follow-up of cases by our lawyers, always keeping the client's best interest in mind.

  • M&A
  • Our practice focuses on small and medium size companies for which we handle on the buyer or seller’s side the entire process, from preparing the due diligence for the seller, and the corporate and financial structure, to drafting confidentiality letters, due diligence reports and share purchase agreements. If required we can assist our clients with tax issues in close cooperation with tax lawyers with whom we have close working connections.

  • National Competition Law & Anti Trust
  • Our lawyers have extensive experience in various areas of industry which allows them to come up with effective, creative and business-oriented solutions that comply with antitrust and competition law.

    We provide legal advice and counsel in this field for transactions such as joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, and take-overs. We also represent our clients before the competition authorities on both the national and Community levels.

    The firm has a specific expertise in litigation in the field of unfair commercial pratictes in various industries.

  • Real Estate and Construction
  • have extensive experience in all matters related to real estate and construction law and have assisted contractors, investors, owners and promoters in either the construction or acquisition of real estate. We also have excellent relations with the competent authorities.

    Our range of services encompasses the various stages of construction, from nurturing relations in the construction business and providing preliminary legal advice for a specific deal to drafting and negotiating all types of agreements. We are also able to assist our clients in financing, renting and leases, joint ventures, ownership structures, partnerships and condominiums, as well as the purchase or sale of real property and regulatory filings related to such projects.

    Our lawyers are also experienced in litigation. They are able to handle all kinds of procedures involving real property and construction and have successfully defended complex cases in court.

  • Travel Law
  • At Dugardyn & Partners, we work with leading experts and household names in the travel industry. For years, our lawyers have acted as counsel and advisors to a wide range of clients, including travel groups and agencies, airlines, hotel chains and resorts as well as industry interest groups and are often invited to speak at conferences around the world.

    Due to our vast experience in this field, we are able to provide in-depth and case-by-case solutions to meet our clients' needs. In addition, we have successfully represented our clients before the national, Community and international authorities.