Foreign Investment and Export Support

Belgium being a very export-driven economy, we have long ago developed a niche-practice which focuses on foreign investment and export support, especially in emerging markets which are difficult to access.

Export offers tremendous opportunities for our companies, but also brings along (legal) insecurity. We strive to limit the risks of exporting as much as possible and collaborate very closely with our clients, guiding them through their whole export project and investment process. We offer advice on export subsidies, local trade practices and regulations, international tax and customs rules, trade barriers, best market approach (direct or indirect through distribution), intellectual property, liability, sales conditions, cooperating with local governments, etc. We also stand by our clients if they happen to be involved in litigation in foreign countries.

We are able to offer these services because over the years, in most jurisdictions, we have developed very strong relationships with a dense international network of relationship firms that guarantees consistency in approach and similar legal thinking, upon which we can rely on.
Inversely, we assist foreign companies with all their needs when investing in Belgium.