Chinese Desk

Dugardyn & Partners 是一家总部设立于布鲁塞尔的国际律所,向国际及欧洲企业客户提供法律服务。我们服务范围覆盖商业企业运作的大多法律需求。我们以热忱,量身定制且灵活的高质量法律服务著称。我们经验丰富的律师团队可以操持多种语言为客户服务,其中包括中文、英语、法语、荷兰语、德语、意大利语,及希腊语。





Chinese desk

China has become a leader in the global economy of the twenty-first century. Chinese companies and authorities have clearly paved the way to globalize their economy and take pro-active stance with regard to western markets and economies. The commercial exchanges between China and Europe have increased considerably, and will grow even more in the future.

At Dugardyn & Partners we have anticipated this trend a long time ago...

Since 2000, we have been actively developing activities in China and building reliable and long-lasting relationships.

We have acquired more substantial experience in setting up our own business in China and believe that we are thus in a position to offer practical advice to clients on this subject.

We have been representing both European as Chinese clients, providing advice and assistance with respect to business ventures on both the Chinese and European markets.  Our lawyers are regularly invited to speak at conferences and seminars in Europe or China or to teach at Universities in legal matters that affect business between European and China.

After all these years, one can say that Dugardyn & Partners is recognized as a partner for any project spanning China and Europe, in all areas of business law.

Since several years we are collaborating with Dacheng Law Offices. Dacheng, one of the largest commercial law firms in China. We work together in applying our respective expertise to assist the growing number of Chinese undertakings that are already active in Belgium and Europe or are planning to invest here, and inversely European companies that operate in or want to enter the Chinese market.  These undertakings are large multinational, but also small and middle-sized companies